Article 24:
Access to healthcare

Access to health care

What is it?

Conventions on the rights of a Child

The United Nations created 54 articles that addressed economic, social, cultural, and political nessecites that ensured the wellbeing and protection of all children. Child holding stethoscope

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Article 24

Article 24 states that children have the right to protection and healthcare that is necessary for their well-being. Children also have the right to information about their health. However, in our world today, this is often not the case.

Causes of Inaccess to Healthcare

Lack of Avaliability


Health care services may be in scarce resource or clinicians may not have the technology/modern medicine to treat ill paitents



Often barriers in the communication are the largest factor as to why minorities may not access the help (eg. lack of availability translated manuscripts for all languages.)



The quality of certain services offered in certain countries may not have the medical faculities to provide for illnesses.



Health care services have additional costs that give financial burden to children of low-income families such as insurance, cost of food, etc.


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Real Stories

Real Story- Alined
Real Story- Ana
Real-Story- Jeanne's Daughter



The best way we can combat the problem is to educate ourselves on the issue, both locally and internationally. Sites such as the WHO and case-studies offer accurate, reliable and up-to-date information about healthcare for children.

Link to WHO Link to Otago Univeristy Case Study

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You can also donate to these charities that support specifically children in healthcare, and help relieve this growing problem.

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Starship Children's Hospital
Children's Health Fund
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"Health is a human right, not a privilege to be purchased" ~Shirley Chisholm